How Do I Care For My Gold Jewellery?

Make sure your beautiful new Stephen Einhorn pieces last a lifetime.

Gold is very easy to look after. It’s a harder metal than silver. Different carats have different hardnesses. Gold can be polished with the polishing cloth that has been provided. If you need a replacement it can be bought here. As a side note these cloths are also great for cleaning your glasses.

Please see our metal guide for more detailed information on all the carats.

You can also clean your gold jewellery using a cheap detergent and a very soft babies toothbrush and warm water. This will get any residual dirt off.

Does gold tarnish?

Gold itself doesn’t tarnish however all precious metals are made as alloys, with other metals in them. It's these other metals that can tarnish, usually the silver element. Pure gold is too soft to work with so it needs to be hardened with different metals.  Gold can be tarnished by being exposed to bleach and other strong household products.

Will my gold ring become scratched?

The short answer is yes. All metal scratches if it comes into contact with something else hard especially other metals. However gold is a hard metal and the scratches will usually be very superficial. As gold ages it gets harder, so it will scratch less and less.

It’s always a good idea to let us check over your gold Stephen Einhorn jewellery every year and to give it a complimentary polish.

Its very important to remember when you are clapping to be mindful of banging two rings together on opposite hands. You need to find a different way to clap your hands!

Can I get my Stephen Einhorn jewellery polished by your workshop?

Yes.  For an expert polish and a jewellery check-up we would encourage you to bring your Stephen Einhorn jewellery to us for a free polish every year. Its good to have our experienced jewellers give your design a professional look to make sure that all is okay with your jewellery. This is to help it last. 

If there is any damage that needs to be repaired we will give you a quote for this work. We will then wait to hear from you as to whether you would like this work carried out and you have agreed the price. 

If you would like a quote please contact us on +44 207 359 4977 or email us at